Where the water meets the shore

july 12, 2019


There is beauty and turmoil

Where the water meets the shore

The tide rises, you take pieces of me

And I let you in my silent, earthly demeanor


I will find fragments of my broken heart

When the waves are at bay, 

Scattered, lonely across the beach

You always left me in this abused way


And it is saddening before I remember 

there is fire at my core, tectonic plates

Shifting at the depths below, I make 

rivers of your waters and your tides, I can change


But why bother myself with the heat of resentment

When I have trees to grow, flowers to bloom

And mountains to move above valleys to green

My purpose is grander, a divine womb


For I have more than enough within my lands   

I will let you take what doesn’t serve me

And thank you for displaying

What I don’t need.

xoxo, L

a photo series with Jonathan Friedman