november 30, 2018


She who climbs mountains,

She is a forager.

She hunts. She gathers.

She puts the pieces together.

She finds what she needs.


In the sunlight,

She collects the sticks and stones

They waved and threw.

She uses them to build

A better world, a safe place.

In the darkness,

She lights a fire in my soul

Aflame with passion and warmth.

She radiates, brightening the night

Lightening lives and the loads we carry.


A chemical reaction, full circle

She is nothing and then everything

And then nothing again.

She is Mother Earth.

She is a child.


She is starving. Starving to be.

But she hunts and she gathers.

So we are full. So full of love.

She who climbs mountains,

She is a forager.


a photo series with Lounge Kat Studios