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Salt Air

january 12, 2018

I am always so pleased when working with ethically conscience brands - especially when their garments are sexy and practical! Salt Air Swimwear uses luxurious, sustainable fabrics to create their brightly colored (and often reversible) bikinis and one-pieces. I totally appreciate their efforts in using ethical sourcing, as the fashion industry continues to be a key contributor to global warming and environmental pollution. Additionally, Salt Air donates 5% of proceeds from all purchases to Animal Welfare in South Africa! Three cheers for saving all the animals and the earth in the name of style!


On another note, this brand is based in South Africa, which happens to be my favorite place in the world and I will be returning next month! I can't wait to parade around in my reversible one-piece on the gorgeous beaches of Camps Bay. Catch-ya later Cape Town!


xoxo, L


a photo series with Max Libertine for Salt Air Swimwear

* model credit for Katerina in the pink bikini

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