When the Rose Outlasts the Romance

september 23, 2019

When the Rose Outlasts the Romance

When the rose outlives the romance

I suggest  a succulent, fern, or pot of herbs 

A plant to nurture and water, bathe in sunlight 

I desire a growth-minded seedling

Not a flower picked for its beauty alone


For every bud plucked in lust for me 

Quickly transforms into a decaying stalk 

The dried and molding bouquet droopily 

Sits on my table for far too long, I wait

As the romance dies, my resentment grows 


Don’t give me a rose, for it will surely 

Outlast the romance, and succumb 

To a lonely fate, the sole reminder of

Another shriveled and gaudy corpse

Replaced in an exhausting rotation


Stay with me through the seasons

Watch me bloom in ambition and gather 

my fallen leaves encouraging me to let go 

Of the heavy things, repotted at intervals

As we make another trip around the sun.


xoxo, L

a photo series with Dulie Photos