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october 27, 2018

A fairy's reverie


Once upon a time where the wind blowed in ethereal whispers and the sun painted the land in golden warmth. In an age-old world of enchantment, lived a fierce, fairy princess.


With too much pride and no purpose, a dangerous imagination and youthful naivety, she birthed fantasies of lust. Dependent on and all consuming, swirling violently, convinced her only happiness should be found in a prince.


And when she met her match, he abided the trick. He spoke with allure of all the things she conceived. He gladly charmed her with visions so dreamy, that she found a false peace, she was put to sleep. And so it was as he wished to have her in his bed for eternity.


The illusions kept her waiting for what was envisioned. Through slitted lids she peeked, for centuries half asleep. But the prince had many beds and even more forgotten. So when she awoke all alone, she found her world in ruins. A time wasted lusting after what no one else could bring.


But for those centuries she grew wise and fell in love with her lonesome company. Her reveries were her own, in fact, so she would create what she always dreamed. Smiling at the secret, with ruins in her backyard and possibility at her doorstep. And so she rose and stunned the world in her happy reality.

xoxo, L

a photo series with Lounge Kat Studios

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