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Maybe it’s the intense increase in elevation… but I swear my soul felt buoyant in Nepal. I have an inkling it had more to do with the palpable energy and history of this sacred land than the 2000 feet between me and sea level. I only had 4 days in this fascinating country, of which I’ve dreamt about for years. With my work trip to India in mid-January, the timing was perfect to make the surreal ice-topped mountains of my slumbers swirl into reality.

april 9, 2020

When I think of my time in Abel Tasman I think of the present in each moment I spent there… like spongy moss under fingers and palm, the sharp patter of a midnight storm on my tent, crisp air brushing hair to cheek, a breathtaking view that gives way after an uphill trek, salty olives on a homemade sandwich, the gentle melody of water rushing downstream to meet the bay, an internal exhilaration as I swirl above cliffs in a helicopter - a gift of full sensory exploration in every second. 

february 23, 2020

Marrakech is paradise and chaos. A little place where heaven and hell meet. The red city - one of passion, of fire, of decadence, of dirt. This city requires constant vigilance from all the senses to process the beautiful, insane, fragrant, loud, and colorful details screaming for your attention on display in the streets and in the souls of its residents.

september 5, 2019
august 14, 2019

The ocean is medicine for the soul and my short trip to the coast of Morocco was the antidote to the chaos of Marrakech. I was keen to visit this town washed in blue and white from my very first bit of research into Morocco as I prepped for my month long stay in this diverse country.

It was every superlative in the book, but all that’s left is the memories and a whole lot of sand in the bottom of my backpack. My journey to Merzouga, Morocco, the Northwestern border of the Sahara was a trip of epic proportions - of wonder, surprise, and depth.

july 24, 2019
march 27, 2019

In one word, Playa del Carmen is bright. The sun beams down and reflects on vibrantly painted buildings in turquoise, cotton candy pink, violet, mustard yellow, and firetruck red. It tickles the cheeks of locals and tourists alike who smile in return. It sparkles on the gentle waves, welcomed gladly after a long journey across the Caribbean. It gifts life to the tropical flowers spilling over balconies and succulents resting on doorsteps.

Trendy Tulum is the perfect balance of work and play. With its beachside bungalows, mezcal margaritas, sunrise yoga sessions, late dance parties, and savory eats, Tulum is what you make it.

january 29, 2019
january 14, 2019

Warm place - that’s what Tbilisi, the capital of Georgia, means in her mother tongue. It’s also the feeling I have when I think of my time there; my secret hideaway, my nest, my home. Tbilisi holds a special place in my heart as a city where I nurtured myself, grew, and spread my wings.

Ahhh, Ukraine in November… it doesn’t quite have the same je ne sais quoi as Paris in November, or heck, let’s go south of the equator to Fiji in November! Yet, the only reasonable flight returning to Tbilisi from visiting a friend in Cologne had me flying through Kiev. And being the eternal optimist I am, I decided to make a mini trip of it. I had never been to Ukraine and was fascinated by the Chernobyl Nuclear Disaster, so I made a short stopover to meander around in the cold.

december 22, 2018

The Middle East… equally elusive and enticing, I pounced on the opportunity to venture this hot region when a modeling gig presented itself in the glitzy UAE. With 4 nights split between Dubai and Abu Dhabi, I managed to squeeze in as much culture and luxurious treats as I could between modeling “work”.

november 21,, 2018

How I Use Credit Cards to Book Free Flights  (and you can too!)

november 1, 2018
october 22, 2018

The sloping beauties known as the Caucasus Mountains are a must-see for any wanderer who has found herself in Georgia. The town of Kazbegi in the northeast of Georgia, also known as Stepantsminda, is home to some of the highest peaks in the range along with a dose of myth and mystery. Just under 3 hours from Tbilisi and with ample transit, Kazbegi is an ideal day trip to get a true sense Georgian history, culture, and landscape; and indeed, the perfect add-on when my best friend from childhood, Katie, came to visit me in the capital, Tbilisi.

Out of this world in every way, Cappadocia is a sort of dreamland. The particularly interesting scenery with naturally occurring rock formations in cone and phallic shapes are enough to make this region of Turkey an extra-terrestrial getaway. Yet, the dozens of hot air balloons rising into the sky each morning truly create mythical atmosphere. 

october 7, 2018

Istanbul, a city of delightful opposites; international yet exotic, with an Old City located opposite skyscrapers, heartwarming and haggling locals, Bosphorus river views and mosque domed skylines, indulgent spas and abrasive hammams, top-rate shopping at shockingly low prices, and vibrant streets framing dark alleys, all on the border of the East and the West. 

september 23 2018
september 2 2018

Exploring Batumi feels like getting dumped on a board game from the 90s… a stroll through Candyland.The city is bright and colorful but a little rough around the edges, like a well-worn game board threatening to split in two on it’s cardboard spine. Scotch tape is keeping it all together and shiny new trinkets are improvised for game pieces. In Batumi those trinkets take the shape of futuristic buildings, which tower over aging apartments. 


When I think of Bordeaux I imagine familiar buildings yellowing in age with the smallest and most endearing balconies for watching people navigate la rue below. I inhale the scent of rich sauces and fresh bread wafting on to cobblestone streets from numerous Michelin Guide recommended restaurants and equally amazing casual cafes. I hear local musicians serenade diners and spectators with acoustic classics and church bells chime on the hour. 

august 10, 2018
july 26, 2018

I finally made it to the city renowned for tapas, siestas, cava, and way too many tourists. I wasn’t let down on any of these calling cards. This sunny, bustling city is perfectly balanced with shady sidewalks and long afternoon sleeps. My dear friend, Annika, and I spent a lovely four days babbling about boys, sipping bubbles, baking on the beach, and breaking through bands of tourists.

If Bordeaux is the wine capital of France, then Saint-Emilion is the capital of the wine capital of France. This small town and sub-region of the Bordeaux winelands exports some of the finest and most famous reds in the world. So when one of my loveliest friends and fellow vinophiles came to visit my homebase in Bordeaux, I knew we had to make the trek to this mecca of wine.

july 10, 2018
june 24, 2018

Keep me from the sea for too long and I start to dry up, and not in the lack of moisture kind of way, but in the void of idea, dull thoughts, and off-color inspiration kind of way. Not to mention my pale complexion craved some rays and my locks could use some of that wavy texture gifted from the Mediterranean’s salty tides. So I booked a last minute flight to the hub of Andalucia Spain, Malaga.

This quaint university town is set in the mountains where the grapes thrive. South African wines, particularly those from Stellenbosch, offer incredible value for the bottle. But the charms of Stellenbosch don’t end with the wine itself.

june 10, 2018
may 23, 2018

Back and forth between two oceans. Above the Atlantic to the edge of the Pacific. Across countries. Over continents. Somehow I found myself on the West Coast of America; for work, for pleasure.

Set at the edge of the African continent, where humans took their first steps on land, Cape Town intimates visitors to recover an authentic and vivacious life. This dynamic city, in my opinion, has it all.

may 13, 2018
Africa, in Love //
Botswana + Zimbabwe
april 23, 2018

Africa is for lovers. We loved these beautiful places, the people that made them possible, and the moments captured in our minds and on film.

Let’s talk about my favorite place on Earth....

march 25, 2018
march 7, 2018

Perched in my garden on a comfy sofa, surrounded by succulents and local floral, I look up from my computer screen to appreciate the majesty that is Table Mountain perfectly framed from my porch. It’s 4:07pm in Cape Town, South Africa and I’ve just finished work for the day. The temperature is a lovely 72 degrees Fahrenheit in late February. I have everything I need in the world, most of the things I want, and all the things I desire are perfectly within reach.

Land of myths, legends, and modern marvel, the Ancient, seaside capital of Athens has it all, in my eyes. Athens is home to the mythical Acropolis and numerous other historical sights, while also contributing modern street art, Mediterranean bites, amiable locals,and much, much more. And the city center is only the beginning of Greece’s vast offerings

february 22, 2018
february 13, 2018

Santorini - It’s one of those places that looks completely magical in the travel brochures, but somehow exceeds this beauty and all your expectations upon arrival with its own true essence of amour. The romance of the island enchants visitors as we can’t help but fall in love with its many charms.

The cozy city of Krakow was just the right dose of winter spirit I needed during the holiday season. Having visited two weeks before Christmas, Krakow’s merriment was on full display, complete with a festive market, mulled wine flowing in every restaurant, and cheery decorations bedecking the traditional Old Town. Krakow is a city rich in so many aspects: satiating foods, preserved history, and an eclectic modernity. But what really drew me in, was my heritage. 

january 25, 2018
january 6, 2018

Set along the sea, in the Peloponnese region of Greece, Nafplio holds an enchanting history, while today, it’s colorful and darling air appeals to a romantic escape. A light sea breeze narrowly penetrates the charismatic narrow streets, where flowering vines fall from balconies beneath colorfully shuttered houses. Citrus tree-lined squares perfume the air and smiling restaurateurs beckon you inward for a taste of local fare.

The capital of Romania, a city of extreme aesthetic dichotomy, is often merely a stopover before exploring the country’s various environmental splendors, grand castles, and vampiric lands of Transylvania. Yet, this urban center is a funky destination in its own right.

december 22, 2017
Travel Guide//
BUcharest, rOMANIA
november 31, 2017

Some charming photos of London and a few tips.

Ahh, the city of love and lights brings so much love and light to mind...

november 15, 2017
october 15, 2017

You may not spot Dracula in this Transylvanian cultural center, but you will find all the cute details of a small, European town: cobbled streets, traditional food, folk music, and a medieval church. Situated near Bran Castle (Dracula’s alleged home), I spent a couple of days in Brasov enjoying the mountains, drinking goblets of the dry feteasca neagra wine, and soaking in the charms of the well-preserved Old Town.

Lisbon, the city of 7 hills, looks good from every angle. Set along the Tagus River, Lisbon is all bright and sunny. Sherbert colored houses, ornate azulejos (intricately painted tiles) and flowery vines paint the town. The salty perfume of grilled sardines hangs in the air for a brief moment before the coastal breeze carries it away. The bravado of traditional fado singing pours from taverns serving the finest (and incredibly affordable) Portuguese wines. Tranquil parks, trendy boutiques, and authentic restaurants will entertain all day, just make sure to make it to one of the miradouros (lookout points) by sunset for a gorgeous view and an aperitif.

october 1, 2017
august 31, 2017

In such a sliver of a country, you would think the two biggest cities in Portugal would be quite comparable, yet their diversity is rich. Where Lisbon is bright and sunny,  Porto offers a darker beauty and edge. Things are a  bit rusty, but in an urban and very hip way. The sweeping views of the sapphire-blue Douro River enchant, alongside the historical context of this medieval town. Endless goblets of port and local wines entrance the senses and leave you satisfied until tomorrow, when there are more local gems to discover in this treasure of a city.

If all roads lead to Rome, then I’ve taken the scenic route. I’ve been itching to visit this renowned city for as long as I can remember, but especially since 2003, the year  The Lizzie McGuire Movie was first released. And Hilary Duff does not disappoint - visiting Rome truly felt like what dreams are made of. 

august 10, 2017
july 9, 2017

A stay in Lisbon isn’t complete without a fairytale excursion to the lovely town of Sintra. A mere 40 minute train ride from central Lisbon brings you to numerous castles within walking distance of Sintra station. 

a day trip from Lisbon

Amsterdam is inviting, eccentric, and quaint all at once. The myriad of brick townhouses, cobblestone streets, and climbing ivy remind me of Boston, while the Red Light District and legal drug-scene allude to the laid back and indulgent nature of the town. All together, the city felt unexpectedly American to me - everyone speaks English almost perfectly and expats seem to outnumber locals. Amsterdam is enjoyable in so many lovely ways - the elevated food and beverage scene, classical arts, boutique shopping, and famous canals were amongst my favorite charms. Read my guide for the highlights...

june 19, 2017
may 28, 2017

Packing for an extended trip can be very overwhelming, as we are forced to downsize months or even years of our life into one, 50lb suitcase. We want to be prepared, without compromising style - and we definitely don’t want to be charged with that excess baggage fee. Thankfully, I’ve packed for long-term travel several times and have learned from my mistakes in over-packing. . Here are my tips for maximizing your wardrobe for extended travel...

may 17, 2017

Like most Central American capital cities, Guatemala City is known for being dirty and dangerous. All the blogs I read in preparation for my trip asserted that this was especially true of the capital of  Guatemala (aka, Guate). But being a city girl at heart, I was determined to take a peek around. So en route to Antigua, I spent 24 hours in Guatemala’s capital, and what I found was surprisingly warm, colorful, and clean(ish).

april 27, 2017

Do you ever visit a new place and immediately feel at home? You’re ready to cancel your return flight and begin a new life. Antigua, Guatemala filled my heart in such a way. Wander and get lost on the charming, cobblestone streets. Marvel at colorful buildings, with flowery vines spilling over the walls. Stop into one of the many cafes or restaurants, most of which have either a terrace offering views of volcanoes cradling the town or an intimate garden patio furnished with indigenous plants. Loose a day in Parque Central with the company of friends or a good book. Have a glass of wine under the notable Yellow Arch. Finger colorful woven cloth, which carries the tradition of thousands of years in it’s threads and patterns. This is my place. This is my home away from home. I’m very excited to share it with you.

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