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leola fest

joshua tree, california      |      december 29-31, 2020

You're invited...

december 29

fULL mOON Magic

Join me on my day of birth for a goddess gathering as we celebrate all the abundance of this last moon cycle, while letting go of what no longer serves our higher selves. 


Wiccan Wine & Cake Blessing

Ecstatic Dancing

Release into the flames Ritual




Please dress in your most regal threads. You are a God/Goddess. Dress like it. Please bring a tasty dish to share.

december 30

Plant Medicine Journey

Let us dance together in one-ness as we honor each other, the earth, our shadows, and light. ​Under a blanket of stars we journey into the depths of ourselves to heal as one.


clarity intention setting exercise

tea, honey, cacao bean blessing

honoring the medicine

journey together


Please dress like your inner child, but also warm and comfy. 

Requested $33 donation for medicine.

december 31

Naked Soul

New Year

I welcome you home -  a safe space to grow together in vulnerability. As the clock strikes midnight, we toast another journey around the sun.


open mic


oracle readings

new years feast

champagne toast


Please dress in whatever makes you feel soulful and sexy. Whether that's something lacey, your birthday suit, or a killer dress, you will be celebrated.

Location - jOSHUA Tree, ca

Where to stay...

The cabin itself will serve as the main stage of Leola Fest. You're welcome to come chill with me during the day and into the evening festivities, however all beds are already spoken for. If you'd like to come for multiple nights and need a place to stay, I recommend trying out Airbnb. If you're coming solo, I can connect you with other guests who may want to share lodging. Here's a link to some cute hotels and motels in the area.


Please fill out the form below to express interest and preference of dates of events. I am so excited to celebrate with you.

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