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Leola is a nomadic, multi-passionate, lady-hustla out chasing the sun with her canine bf (Stewart). Inspired by the Earth and it's lovely, human inhabitants, Lauren uses this tiny corner of the internet to document her travels, aesthetic endeavors, budding self-awareness, and various daydreams.

Fiercely independent and open-minded, she can make no promises as to what this blog will feature, except that content will always be authentic and open to creative discussion. Consequently, she deems "pants are optional" as her sole policy - because why wear pants when you're the boss of your own life and there are bikinis or dresses or lacy undies to be donned?

Leola is passionate about all the sunny places, cute butts, thoughtful discussions, puppy kisses (and French ones, too), yummy foods, sophisticated wines,  foreign babies, Klimt paintings, historical fiction novels, clothes that make you feel good, and goofy gal pals.

But mostly she's just out to be inspired - and foster some smiles along the way. 

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travel + style + art + lifestyle + soul talk 
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