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november 31, 2017

London Charms

My recent (and second) trip to London wasn’t comprehensive enough to write full guide. In fact, I’m not sure I will ever be able to write a guide as there are so many timeless sights - I feel I’ll never get around to see it all. On the other side of things, the city is constantly evolving, as new restaurants shops and bars pop up on the daily. However, I took sooooo many pictures on this trip and they’re all too charming to keep to myself…

Of course, there are all the obvious touristic things to do in London, some of which I did this trip and more I did during my first visit three years ago. This is not the place to find out about those things. There are already thousands of web pages you can look at for that info. Here’s a “non-guide”… some things I did in London that I enjoyed and you might too…




  • For the best meal of your life, that also happens to be farm-to-table, head to Rabbit in Chelsea.


  • Be like “bao-wow-wow-yippy-yo-yippy yay” after a delightful meal and cocktail at Bao.

  • Adventure themed cocktail bar, Oriole, satisfies worldly tastes.



  • For damn tasty ramen head to Shoryu Ramen (several locations).



  • Get boozed at the prettiest pub in the world, Churchill Arms, whose exterior is covered in flowers.


  • Ottolenghi is a nice spot for a nutritious lunch.

sEE // Do


  • Learn the seedy history of gin at one of the cities many distilleries. (I tried to go to Sipsmith, which wasn’t open during my desired date. But Beefeater was interesting enough.)






  • Be the classy and luxurious person you aspire to be by pretending to shop at Harrods.



  • Be the trendiest version of yourself shopping Sloane Street and Kings Road in Chelsea.


  • Browse an impeccable collection of vintage and secondhand at Find Shop in Battersea Park.

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