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// Africa, in Love //

A photo story featuring Botswana and Zimbabwe

april 23, 2018

Africa is for lovers. We swooned entering our safari lodge overlooking the Chobe Delta with giraffes dotting the riverside and baboons bathing in the stream. We were swept off our feet with an ecstatic rush as we zip-lined over the Zambezi downstream from the most impressive waterfall in the world. We became enamored with the school children of the Muchenje Village who shared my lipstick and showered us with hugs. We were smitten as we pat and fed orphaned elephants in the bush. We fell again and again with the streams and tides of Victoria Falls. We toasted over every African sunset, more colorful than the last. We loved these beautiful places, the people that made them possible, and the moments captured in our minds and on film.

We began our trip on the Chobe Delta in Botswana. We found Botswana to be incredibly calm, as there were few tourists. We spent our days in the bush spotting elephants, giraffes, zebras, and more.

Animal sightings were far from limited to game drives - we woke up one morning to an elephant passing our front window to drink from the plunge pool of a neighboring chalet. Unlike many other African parks, rangers in the Chobe National Park do not carry guns in their vehicles; this way, animals are not afraid and do not run at the sight of humans, as they can not smell gun powder.

The locals were accommodating, friendly, and eager to share their culture. We enjoyed visiting a local village, where we were able to learn about the local tradition of basket weaving, visit a farmer, and pop in to the kindergarten class at a local school. Everywhere we went, we were met with toothy grins.

The Chobe River is a haven for all wildlife in the hot and dry climate of the region. We enjoyed spotting alligators and hippos in their natural habit as we cruised down the river with our ranger.


A sad "goodbye" to the colors and tranquility of Botswana was only remedied with the thought of our next adventures in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe.

One of the seven "Natural Wonders of the World", Victoria Falls is both intense and serene. We visited during wet-seasons (December-April) and left completely soaked.

Our days in Victoria Falls were packed with activities, such as feeding orphaned elephants and zip-lining over the Zambezi River! But we also took time to enjoy the views and relax in our "tent".

Our trip came to a close with a sunset cruise on the river, were we befriended some Australian and Dutch safari-goers. We sipped bubbles and spotted hippos in the streams. As we returned to camp for our final evening, the sounds of an African evening settled in and sparkling stars painted the sky. What a wonderful world to share.

Bryant (my creative collaborator and partner in crime) and I spent 3 nights at Ngoma Lodge in Chobe, Botswana and then 2 nights at Elephant Camp in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. All of our travel and accommodation were arranged by Go2Africa. 


During this trip, Bryant debuted his Kandao camera, shooting 8k, 3D, virtual reality film and videos. We're excited to share these moments with you in a more immersive platform, coming soon.

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