A Naked&Famous debut

december 29, 2018

On the first day of my 25th year, at last, I am committed to being the most naked form of myself. I’ve intently shed layers - of worry, of fear, of wrong intentions. I am exposed in my most lovely and true form. I am me - radiant and confident.


This last year, my 24th trip around the sun, has been particularly challenging in that I bared myself to my most hindering flaw, a great burden I had been carrying unnecessarily for far too long. I’ve been keeping the thoughts and opinions of others too close, instead of unabashedly being me. I found myself picking apart each relationship in my life, and too often I found myself worried about who I was perceived to be or the validity of my belonging in certain social groups. In a literal and figurative sense, what I was wearing with them; cloaked in fear disguised as something I thought they would appreciate, something that wasn’t me.


So here I am, debuting what I found underneath it all. Naked. Free of self-judgement. Patient, accepting, and understanding. Exploring who I am and what it means to be me. Free of the binds of fear. I am naked in this moment, vulnerable to it’s opportunities, instead of worrying about my place here, because inherently I belong, just as I came into the world on this day 25 years ago.


And over this past year, as I undressed myself of anxiety and doubts, I found all sorts of beautiful talents and passions. I embraced my creativity, without fear of judgement. And yet, the encouragement of others has been invaluable in putting together what you see above. I have decided to share my naked art with the world - a reminder to each of us to live intentionally as we came into this world. Thanks you for the love and support.

xoxo, L


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photos by LoungeKat Studios