A Note On Closure

december 30, 2019


In a dark corner of her mind, she expends energy chasing closure - a thing that only exists in these depths, a place of fear that is far from present. For in our world, closure is as real as time itself.


We live in a place of oneness, of eternal creation. All matter is recycled, what’s here now has always been. Every thing grows and transforms in the same soil and atmosphere, so death is only temporary, as the cycle persists


Closure is as real as we make it, for inevitably we will return to this place, this person, this moment, many times again. Let it go, for it carries an impervious bind made present in another form, another experience, another lifetime.


Embrace this moment, this pain, this oneness grateful for the souls and surroundings that serve us now, as we will return anew with clarity that comes from distance, reborn in oneness.

xoxo, L

a photo series with Infinity Creek