An Artist's Affirmations

june 15,  2020

An Artist's Affirmations


I am piecing together images

of my highest self - my timeless self. 


My royal, confident, compassionate, 

creative, colorful, curious, abundant self. 


And you should know,

healing is a creation too.


Filling yourself with love 

is an infinite achievement.


I choose to be inspired

by the missing pieces


Every obstacle equates opportunity 

in the eyes of an old soul.


Success is a lovechild of 

passion and authenticity.


Triumph tastes sweeter 

from the garden of your soul.


I do what I love 

and trust the rest to follow.


I am the artist

and the muse.


I am in the midst of a masterpiece.

And the masterpiece is me.

xoxo, L

a photo series with Mordding