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december 29, 2017

I turn 24 today, which is weird because it means that I am in my mid-20s. It also happens to be an age that I sort-of idealized growing up. In our teen years, all my peers would wish to turn 21 and then stay that age forever. However, I liked the idea of 24. At this age, I could legally do all the "fun stuff" like drinking and gambling and buying cigarettes, but 24 also garnered a certain respectability and responsibility. To me 24 was still youthful, but mature enough to have my life together and be treated as a real adult with a real job.


As it goes, my life as a 24-year-old is far from what I pictured it would be at the tender age of 16. But in so many good ways. I do not have the "perfect" job that I imagined nor do I have a "home" or a fiance. But I travel full time. And I am my own boss And I'm constantly creating new opportunities for myself. My life more is exciting and dynamic than I ever dreamed possible. 


And I'm also naked (or at least pant-less) very very often. And I like it that way. I feel free and confident and alive. Exactly as I imagine I felt on this day 24 years ago as I made my debut to the world, but this time I have my independence too.


xoxo, L

a photo series with John Peri

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