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And Don't Forget...

august 3, 2019


And Don't Forget...

Do not turn off your light to 

Make someone feel more 

comfortable in their own darkness

When you radiate, they are blinded

By the sleep they escape in.


Do not lower the volume of

Your soul which sings its truth

Inviting them to recite the lies

They’ve been told when your

Anthem is honest and pure.


Do not forget to water the

Garden you’ve so tenderly 

Cared for because they prefer

Fast food, which kills them

Slowly. Just in time for,


When they die, they will come 

Alive again and remember

Where to find the light of truth

And the soulful song and the

Garden of love. Thanks to you.


Keep loving them, but mostly

Love yourself and the world

And the simple pleasures 

That helped you find your truth

And god, in every soul you meet.

xoxo, L

a photo series with Bob Johnson

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