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Au Naturel

july 20, 2020


Au Naturel

It’s a weird world to be in a body. Especially when media, society, and porn dictate that bodies should look a particular way. They call for a look that is in no way natural - if even attainable. We’re constantly faced with images of thin bodies, with symmetrical tits, and perfect hairless skin. If you’re lucky enough to fall within the desired proportions deemed beautiful, you may not need surgery to plump or tuck, but you will still spend countless hours in the bathroom plucking, dyeing, teasing, sucking, or painting your body into “perfection”.

This was me… for years. Especially when I first started modeling, when it felt like my physique was under constant scrutiny. But with time, this profession has liberated me in unforeseen ways. The photos attached to this story are a lovely symbol of that. This photographer asked I show up with no makeup and a full mound of pubic hair. I was au naturale in every sense of the word. 

I started this Patreon account one year ago - in July of 2019. I was hoping to find motivation to continue writing and making art for myself. Not only has this space allowed me to decrease the amount of boring corporate work I take on… it has also been an incredible space for support and reflection from my Patrons. You guys have loved me through my flaws and fears. You’ve celebrated my mind, body, and soul. You’ve given me renewed appreciation for this experience of human life. Cheers to you for the love and light you’ve given me.


With gratitude,


xoxo, L

a photo series with Photosensualis

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