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october 28, 2019

Barcelona babe


Barcelona Babe

She lulled me to sleep at noon,

A late breakfast does that to you.

In the city known for siestas

And way too many tourists.


Where the sun spills through

Windows and paints my skin

In spanish honey. Honey,

Don’t you love the bustle?


Hustle down shady sidewalks

Passing shady locals, who are 

Somehow still friends, we spend

All our time lost and followed.


Boys bother me as I bake 

At the beach atop a blanket

Bought from the brown boy

Who smiled shyly.


Cava calls, cutting salty tapas

At sunset, bubbles lift me into

The night and the arms of

A sweet talking Barcelona boy


He kept me up until sunrise.

Sweet nothings do that to you

Take a look and don’t look back

Barcelona babe, for a day.


xoxo, L

a photo series with Bene Photo

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