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Becoming Her Again

august 10, 2019

2019 06 lauren film hat-4.jpg
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2019 06 lauren film hat-15.jpg

Becoming Her Again

She made fun of herself and the world, 

in the way children do. Without fear of 

rejection or failure or judgement. There is

No right or wrong, only the truth in her heart.


She colored her world in bright blues

And pinks, squiggling around the page 

Unafraid of the lines and rules because

She was pure and painted in love alone


She snorted when she laughed because

She decided what was ladylike

As she was a lady and she didn’t care if

She was liked - she cared for herself.


She was naked when she wanted to be

And clothed in confidence and sometimes

lacey things that she wore for herself, 

alone, except when she let you take it off.

She was not selfish, nor was she a martyr

Because she was self-love, and so she

loved all the world as she saw herself in

every being, in every moment, in everything.

xoxo, L

a photo series with Matt Wiehlio

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