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Benevolent Beauty

october 5, 2020


Benevolent Beauty

Once upon a time in a corner of her beautiful mind, where the spirits whispered through synapses, and the sun shined on every day dream. In a marvelous world of enchantment and mystery, she saw herself as the princess she deserved to be.


As a benevolent beauty, she chose to perceive light in all beings and blessed them in an abundance of self-knowing. Her naked soul called for open-minds and hearts committed to a reality of pure intentions.


But somehow, she often found herself questioning her own worth. She was destined to receive her god-given and blood bestowed bounty, but she couldn’t find the confidence to claim her rein. As she always settled for a man who mocked her wishes or who loved her under the condition of forgoing the freedom that fed the very soul that birthed her prosperity. Under the shining armor of her knightly suitor, revealed a debt collector - an expectation to abandon herself in exchange for his bold being.


The disillusion cycled until she began to see the image of herself mirrored back in his shiny shield - she finally saw her tender heart reflected back. Her virtuous vulnerability would only suit a king of the same naked soul - not a man hiding in a suit of armor. And so she stepped away from the false sense of security and into the embracing arms of freedom and love. She was crowned queen.

xoxo, L

a photo series with Jordan Pall

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