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darkest Night

february 24, 2020


darkest night

Child of the sun, ray of golden light

You reach for the earth to be grounded

And find yourself sparking on ocean tides

A timeless dance, salt water and shine

The sun sets, opening to a moonrise 

I do not expect the orb to be full every night,

Why do I expect you to always fill this heart of mine?

Souls dance in and out of our lives

A memory twirls In the ballroom of life, 

you are entwined in some corner of my mind

Draped in limbs and sheets until morning,

When I allow myself to expect the sun to rise 

Because, she doesn’t really rise, she holds

Space and our world orbits around her light.

However briefly you lay with me, please know 

I am grateful for the way you did ignite

that part of my soul on my darkest night.

xoxo, L

a photo series with Linus Dotson

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