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Grounded in this moment

october 4, 2019


Grounded in this moment

Your body on top of mine feels 

like I am buried in the sand. 

A delightful and warm weight.

I wiggle my toes and feel you 

all over, electricity beginning 

with your heavy head on my chest. 


The world cradles us in 

A divine womb of ascension

Marveling in ecstasy, our

Earthly bodies are surely 

Made of star stuff, two fiery orbs

Reflecting in one another.


I dare not move, except to breathe, 

watching you rise slightly with me.

Nesting in magnetic potential

Our twin flames chase and I fear

I have been carried off instead of

Grounded in this moment, with you.

xoxo, L

a photo series with Photosensualis

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