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In Solidarity

june 22,  2020


In Solidarity


The virus persuaded panic

Which evolved into ennui

We woke up to ugliness around us

At last we had time to see

The darkness and discrimination:

This is not who we want to be

So we dismantle and destroy

Systems of fear and hate

There will be no more innocent martyrs

It is time to make the change

As we rally in numbers

we hope it’s not too late

And still I wonder…

Can love grow from hearts of rage?

But maybe anger is an act of love

When we hardly have a voice

This is not a condemnation

We are not two sides of a coin

This is a plea to come together

For the fruit of our loins. 

A new age is dawning

As one we will join 

You no longer have to pick a side.

But only if you have the courage 

To see the world through another’s eyes.

xoxo, L

a photo series with Linus Dotson

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