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march 9, 2020

LeolainMumbai_Jan20Pics_EDITED-22 copy.j


A sliver in the sky winks and smiles

As a forgotten soul wakes to fight

Illumination is best conceived

with the promise of our inner light


Her eyes spoke louder than her lips

Igniting a quiet corners of my heart

It dawned on her - she was free.

Living and dreaming became her art


Look at the sky, it’s like the sunset

Only it’s morning instead of night

It was like discovering the world again

That sunrise, seen through a child's eyes


Daybreak births from darkness

The wisdom of experience is whole

She steps out of the shadow

Lighting up forgotten parts of my soul


The cosmos are much more simple

And confusing all at once

Truth is a dawn of freedom

When the pattern is oneness

xoxo, L

a photo series with BLT

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