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Tunnel of Smoke

may 18,  2020


Tunnel of Smoke


We give our children

What we didn’t have

Along with trauma 

That sustains a cycle

Of what we missed

In our insistence

on the “right” thing.

Why feed the fire - 

A careless flame

Who promises to singe 

Our world and cloud 

The vision of our youth

In a tunnel of smoke?

When will we find

No wrong - or right?

We must climb out

Of the boxes that

Shape our perspective.

Then we learn to lean on

critical thinking and

The next generation is free

To decide what feels good

In their body and mind

From a place of educated

Empowerment and love. 

To teach children should mean

to feed them with freedom

To pursue their own truth,

set boundaries, and

Communicate with confidence, 

acceptance and compassion.

The only fire to stoke

Should be in the depths 

Of our souls where purpose

And passion ignite our

Sense of worth and duty 

Where the flames lick our hearts

And overflow, inspiring change.

We choose the fire to feed:

Abandon fear, alight love.

xoxo, L

a photo series with Stories in a Picture

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