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The Butterfly

december 9, 2019


The Butterfly

Did I lose myself or find her 

In the conditioning we displaced

Our own demons stir, but we feel 

Safe in each other's embrace


Your limbs are the branches 

I cling to, eyes closed, the future

Cocooned in a synchronized 

Experience with Mother Nature


I see myself through your eyes, 

Undressed in your mind

Sparkling in the heavy, humid air 

Painted wings flutter and fly


Vulnerable to natural desires, 

Is it fear or myself, I wonder

I am enough, but I wouldn’t know 

if it weren’t for your reminder.


Did we lose a week or gain 

A lifetime, the chrysalis suspends

Our feelings and choices, we let go 

And decide as the journey ends

xoxo, L

a photo series with Abba Shapiro

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