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The Great MOTHER

june 8,  2020


The Great Mother


The Great Mother asked us to stay home so she could get better. As pollution cleared from the skies, deer returned to city parks, and canals ran clear of debris, I looked within and saw my own need for spring cleaning. A product of toxic habits and too much compromise motivated Mother Nature’s knowing message: Earthly bodies must be cleansed too. And so home-cooked meals, luxurious baths, thought-provoking books, passion projects, solo dance parties, and long chats with loves ones induced my rivers to bleed toxins to the reaches of my veins. Stress is purged from tectonic shoulder blades and my psyche is at last calm, without the rush, I am clean of self-inflicted burdens, as I am empowered to choose me.

xoxo, L

a photo series with Bold as Love

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