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The House of Belonging

november 18, 2019


The House of Belonging

The house of belonging is a place within.

At the threshold, we let go to be let in

Visitors are welcome, but no baggage is.

With awareness, shedding chagrin.


This structure is bound by choices and actions,

There are no walls, but the boundaries are clear

We make our beds and sleep on our decisions

Only open ears, eyes, and minds dwell here.


Vulnerability swings the door wide open

This soulful hearth is a place of hope,

A sanctuary of truth, radiates in the bosom

A home for comfort, joy and horoscope


This earthly place of rest for my soul

I need to come home more often

A pure and divine portion of the whole

This is my House of Belonging.

xoxo, L

a photo series with ProfotosNZ

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