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The Weight I Carry

september 29, 2019


The Weight I Carry

How do you measure a moment

When it is is like a grain of sand

In the Sahara, each particle,

Charged with the energy of matter

Colliding in happenstance


What is the value of a chance

So rare as the moon eclipsing

A sun, when everyone who

Watches, or doesn’t, experiences

From a different point of view.


How do you define the right time

When it is all the product of 

Coincidence, an infinite collision of 

Decisions that brought us here,

And that will separates us, too.


What is known as the right place

To find each other or oneself

An unlikely and impossible space

Where chaos and paradise overflows 

In the streets and in the soul.


How do we weigh our memories

In a world so material: we choose

To hold those measured in kindness, 

at a length of love, we speak truth and 

Summon courage to let go of the rest.


xoxo, L

a photo series with Photo Hussey

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