THings That make me Blush

october 21, 2019

THings That make me blush

The autumn sun paints pink cheeks

as the trees burn red from green.

Until they fall, is it my heart or my head

That falls with my body into your bed. 


Silk on skin, my head on your chest

Sips of champagne, out of the nest.

We rise like tiny bubbles in bent glass

A joyous flush, spinning in chasse.


And when it rains from the heavens 

You brush tears from my perception

A radiant visage of rosy quartz, glowing, 

I am vulnerable in uncertainty.


My first date daydreams evolve

Soft petals brush lips and curves

An eternal summer when we touch

Among the things that make me blush


xoxo, L

a photo series with Barry Nadell