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Dreaming blue

may 11, 2017

This one is for the dreamers who are feeling a little blue about fearlessly going after their aspirations - hung up on the "consequences" of failure. Fear of failure has long haunted my dedicated effort towards pursuing my ambitions. This mindset is especially toxic, because it is almost transparent, as fear often appears to be a part of our natural response. It distorts our view and halts our progression, while the true vision of ourselves and success is just beyond reach.


But keep moving forward, push the veil aside, and evolve past fear. Enjoy the process and be consciously present in each moment. I want to make a conscious effort to enjoy the journey, instead of obsessing over the destination. I encourage you to ask yourself, "How does this present act help me manifest myself?"


As humans our natural condition is "in-process." Everyday we are becoming more ourselves - learning, growing, adapting, and deciding who we are. And remember, neglecting the manifestation of yourself and your dreams is a disservice to us all. Our personal strengths and passions are a gift of love and talent to our planet and community. Make yourself better and make the world better too.


xoxo, LL

Photographer // Chris Nightengale

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