Full Moon, Empty Moon

may 4,  2020

Full Moon, Empty Moon


When the moon is half empty 

or half full we know it will fill 

To the brim and deplete again.

 Likewise, empty ourselves

 to see our potential and

Clear stagnance of the last cycle


On dark moonless nights

we often crave the light 

of another to reflect their

Soul on our emptiness

We glimpse our depths 

before diving in.


The moon both embraces 

and contradicts the sun

And, so am I: 

a contradiction of myself

In every moment 

I decide I am one thing


I am identifying with another

Equal opposite.

Fullness isn’t understood

Without first knowing

Emptiness, but my night sky 

Always sparkles with hope.

xoxo, L

a photo series with Photo Worx RSA