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Girl, Girl, Camera

july 14, 2017

How do we shape our world view? We observe the world around us and interact. Fate brings us together - our teachers, our lovers, our friends… maybe we are together our whole lives, maybe just for a weekend, or a brief encounter at a bar, even eye contact walking through an airport.


In this period of my life, I’m in constant motion, traveling and meeting interesting and inspiring people, thus dynamism is at the core of my existence. And I feel as though I am becoming more myself everyday.


This post is dedicated to all those who have helped shape my worldview in those little moments in between the big ones - whose impact will live with me. There is no proof - no photos documenting our interactions (spoken, or not). May we cross paths again in this life, or the next.

xoxo // LL

A photo series with Edgar Wang

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