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may 31, 2018

How lovely it is to have endless opportunities to meet the abundant souls of our planet? Shiny, new faces flit into our lives on the daily. How magnificent to have so many potential meetings? So many chances to learn from one another, to grow together. To awaken together. To inspire each other. To show love, kindness, and respect.


How nice is it to build relationships with these once strangers? New faces grow old and smiles become familiar. How fantastic is it to be together in this evolving world? So many opportunities to laugh together and cry together. To revel in our successes. To pull each other out from the ditches. To save each other from ourselves. To show love, kindness, and respect.


How sweet it is to bid adieu to the old and to the new? On our own separate paths, united in our humanity. How relieving it is to know that goodbye is not permanent? So many possibilities to decide for our future, individually and as one. To know we are in each other's hearts. To understand we are all in this together. To appreciate the natural unity of our souls, in love, kindness, and respect.

Until the next time. Until the next life. See you soon, my neighbor, my lover, my family, my friend.

xoxo, L

a photo series with Julia Lowe

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