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On Holiday

april 29, 2018

On holiday, I breathe 

A wandering mind,

Late nights, and daytime heat

Keep me in bed til noon

Alone, with my dreams  


On holiday, I relax

Sleeping in and

Enjoying the comfort of

A bed I didn’t make

Alone, at last


On holiday, I lament

Time lost beneath sheets

The city bustles as I

Waste a day in bed

Alone, in a city of unfamiliar souls


On holiday, I ponder

What brought me to

This old place, new to me

Relish in the opportunity 

Alone, with possibility


On holiday, I rise

Nibble fruit, slowly dress

A key turns, a door closes

A bed forgotten

Alone, for now

xoxo, L

a photo series with Max Moden

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