Naughty Little Thing

august 25, 2019

Naughty Little Thing


Why do you expect the world 

to be on its best behavior?

You naughty little thing.


Why do you fear the fire 

Which burns inside and out?

You tricky little flame.


Why do you stay in a cage 

with the door wide open?

You silly little bird.


Why do you linger at the edge of the world when your fate is assured? Why taunt yourself with failure and critique? Why hide when the rain subsides and sun shines bright? Why sleep when there is mischief to be had? Why pine when there is infinite love inside and out?


Embrace the process.


Embrace the passion.


Embrace the freedom.


Embrace yourself. You climbed the mountain. You endured the pain. Now enjoy your sunset. Settle into a new perspective. Don’t look back, once you’ve conquered this view. It’s time to welcome your golden hour. It’s time to put you to use.


xoxo, L

a photo series with TJX Photo