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may 3, 2017

No pANTS // lots of Plants

10 Things that bring me joy...

  1. Parading around my flat in cute undies (for no one but myself).

  2. Watering the plants and watching them grow.

  3. Planning my next adventure.​​

  4. Cuddling with the pooch. 

  5. Cooking for someone I care about.

  6. Creating something with my hands or mind or body.

  7. Trying something new.

  8. ​Spending the afternoon with a book.

  9. Catching some sun.

  10. Practicing mindfulness and yoga.

I am a firm believer that happiness is a choice - so I am choosing to do more of the little things that bring a smile to my face. I ask you  to consciously choose to set aside time to cultivate happy habits and behaviors. Make a list like I did, and dedicate one hour a day to the things that bring joy to your life. 

Creme lace lingerie // Etam

2-piece black, lace set // Forever 21 (surprisingly durable, bought 2 years ago)

High neck-line, black one piece // H&M

Photographer // David Aronson

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