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march 23, 2020

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I had a dream I was a bird

A reckless and free thing

Boldly taking the skies to soar

A weighty past beneath two wings


I met my end in a spiders web

Or was it a dream catcher?

Unaware of the danger in my delusion

This sacred hoop becomes my teacher.


Sticky webs transform into a nest

Feelings of protection and comfort 

To stay sane in the midst of madness

As I transform into the next life form


This dichotomy of confusion

To be a child again would free me

From the compulsion to obey,

The restrictions and burdens of society


Meeting my ashes is a sweet relief

As I decide my time to scorch

The greedy spider will starve

I am a phoenix reborn once more

xoxo, L

a photo series with Kyle Christensen

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