february 1, 2021


A rebel loves herself

When society sells self-hate

In face creams and slut shames

Pink tax and income gaps

It’s all patriarchal bull crap

But she knows

The fountain of youth

Exists between her own thighs

her highest truth

Is free of conditioning and repression

Her existence is a rebellion

Without violence or indiscretion

It is her essence alone that

Provokes prudes, the lost, and the lewd

But it is her sacred rites

That inspire, awaken, and change tides

A rebel loves herself because she sees

It is her destiny to be free

To break the shackles of society

To demonstrate a loving ideology

A rebel knows her divine duty:

To live up to the value of her worth

And become a messenger 

between the heavens and earth.

xoxo, Leola

a photo series with Life Facsimiles