Shadows of Self-Doubt

january 23, 2019


Shadows of Self Doubt

When the future is bright

Like a great fire or burning sun

Distorted versions of ourselves

Inevitably cast behind

Questions of direction

Our ability to carry

the weight of our dreams

And you say, “That is me.”

And of course it is.


But is it?

Or is it just some side effect

Of time and space

Gradings of relativity that

Are not applied to our wandering souls

The fleeting black shapes

Can not love or whisper or dream

They only mimic your reality

So look straight ahead


And forget the shadows of self-doubt

For they are not you.

You are whole and magnificent

And warm in the glow of your dream a lit

Bask in the possibility

Feel the weight of your physicality

Admire the power of thought

A new angle, the prism of your mind

Without a shadow of a doubt

xoxo, L

a photo series with Chris Nightengale