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The Final Frontier

august 31, 2019

Lauren P 032519F400PRO120CLR-012.jpg
Lauren P 032519F400PRO120CLR-006.jpg
Lauren P 032519F400PRO120CLR-011.jpg
Lauren P 032519I050PAN120BW-007.jpg
Lauren P 032519K100EKT120CLR-021.jpg
Lauren P 032519K100EKT120CLR-020.jpg
Lauren P 032519C050CIN120CLR-009.jpg
Lauren P 032519C050CIN120CLR-008.jpg
Lauren P 032519F100PVD120POS-019.jpg
Lauren P 032519F100PVD120POS-023.jpg
Lauren P 032519C050CIN120CLR-006.jpg
Lauren P 032519C050CIN120CLR-001.jpg
Lauren P 032519K100TMX120BW-004.jpg
Lauren P 032519K100TMX120BW-007.jpg
Lauren P 032519F100PVD120POS-004
Lauren P 032519K100EKT35POS-032.jpg

The Final Frontier

My fellow soul traveler, dearest

space wanderer I have outgrown

The milky way - I think you have too.

Come with me to a new place


A new corner of space where

Love laws our lives instead of

Time, we are free to wander and

Paint the sky in sparkling comets


I want to be your falling star

Twisting and bending without

Gravity or expectations or rules 

To weigh us down, we are free.

Let’s watch this galaxy fade

Like the phases of the moon 

To make space for something

Brighter for each of us, as one.


xoxo, L

a photo series with Chasing the Final Frontier

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