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The Leopard's Tale

july 19, 2019


The leopard's Tale

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, where the burning sun drew cracks in the ground and the grasses waved in whispers of wind, the evenings came alive with pairs of glowing orbs as the leopards opened their eyes to night on the Savannah. 


And in the day, under the shade of a baobab tree, a new soul entered this world in the form of a cub, born without her spots. She longed for the eminent reveal of her coat, to stride alongside her mother, to hunt with the others, far before her time. She cast away her childhood, abandoning the games of her fellow cubs. She prayed her natural aptitude for speed would speed her along the path to her fate as a leopardess.


But in this rush to grow up she was absent from her soul purpose: to grow within. A cub was trapped and sulky beneath gray scruff, morphing in adolescence. She grew despondent and resentful of her own neglect.


And in fitful mewing she found, her childish cries revealed new meaning; She had to play to find her creativity. She had to fall to discover her cunning. She had to roll in the dirt to unleash her curiosity. She had to fight over bones to realize her plenty.


Rosettes bloomed on her fur as a unique prowess was revealed. Embracing the moment, the course brought her elegance, and fierce feline mystique. The spots that marked her hide mirrored the unique purpose she discovered at her core. She found her power in that which was not given to her. And that has made all the difference, for she created herself when she let go of fear and embraced the process. 

xoxo, L

a photo series with Moe Martinez

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