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october 5, 2017

The Oldest Art

I believe the human form is the oldest art form, the purest beauty. As we crawled out of the ocean a millennia ago from the Southern tip of Africa (AKA, the cradle of humanity), we then shaped our bodies and learned to dance, like the tribesmen of Africa still do today. And cave men traced sinewy limbs and bean size heads on caves in Indonesia. Then the ancient Greeks sculpted our curves in marble and later Botticelli painted the birth of Venus, so regal in her nakedness, so natural. And then, my favorite artist, Gustav Klimt, painted us in luxurious tones of golds and jewels, with children, with lovers and with other women. We've graced the Earth on canvas and stone, flesh and bone.


And here I am making my art with Joel. And I feel really good about being here, as I came, sans clothes. 

xoxo, L

A photo series with LX Boudoir

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