Young Heart

september 30, 2018

“Each day I greet my inner child with love and gratitude, I allow the innocence, playfulness and beauty to shine bright. I give my inner child the space to come out and play.” - Lee Horbachewski


Sheesh, adulthood is no walk in the park. But life sure can be, with our young hearts we must make sure to enjoy the little things and indulge our inner child a bit. You know, give the kid a lolli-pop to distract him from shots or take him to the park to get some of that restless energy out. If we have a bit of fun, we are in an ideal state of mind to make the “not-so-fun” things just a brief pause from our awesome life! Here are 10 things you can do today to indulge your inner child:


  1. Whip up some cookie dough - no judgement if it doesn’t make it into the oven. Licking the spoon is the best part.

  2. Invest in some crayons or water colors or markers and doodle away.

  3. Build a fort. Make it an adult-free zone, complete with snacks, juice, and your favorite cartoons.

  4. Assemble a team and play kickball or dodgeball or whatever kind of ball game you played at recess in elementary school.

  5. Lay down in the grass and watch the clouds go by, identifying hidden pictures and objects in their appearances

  6. Get some colorful string and make friendship bracelets for you and your best buds.

  7. Climb a tree. Hang from the branches and appreciate the little critters that call these limbs home.

  8. Do a bit of tumbling. Handstands, cartwheels, and forward rolls!

  9. Take a bubble bath - seriously no holding back on those bubbles. You’re only winning if they are threatening your ability to breath. Bonus points for rubber duckies and other bath toys.

  10. Purchase a very frivolous item that puts you in a child-like frame of mind, such as a lava lamp or a bean bag chair. Make your home a play space.


This isn’t a once off thing. Make sure to regularly indulge your inner child. Find one activity you find particularly enjoyable for your young heart and repeat on a weekly basis. Or keep things interesting with new activities each day. Develop a playful routine and marvel at how the joy from such small activities spill into your life.



a photo series with Bowman Leong Photography