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meet your muse


Hi, I'm Leola.

I'm an artist, poet, adventuress, and sacred intimate. I inspire others to see an integration of sexuality and spirituality in their relationships with themselves and their partners. My energy is nurturing, empowering, and incredibly open-minded. My touch is sensual and unconditional. I grew up in a small midwestern town, but have since travelled the world and found my home in Austin, TX.  I’ve created a life I love and am now dedicated to inspiring others to do the same. I'm in awe of the Earth and my greatest joy is enjoying the company of its inhabitants.

Your muse & Mentor

It all starts within. Love and joy exist in our hearts and in our loins - it’s a matter of tapping into this energy while simultaneously letting go of ego to allow vulnerability to lead the way to growth, creativity, courage and authenticity. It's about leaning into the pleasure and basking in rejuvenation. As this unconditional love and acceptance floods your body, you are allowing yourself to heal limiting belief systems and internal dialogue. I guide you to surrender to sensuality, reaching the depths of human experience. In our time together, we create a portal to the timeless essence of your soul and divinity, teasing you to the the edges of ecstasy for heightened and prolonged bliss. With this intention, our time together is sure to energize you with a fresh perspective for creating the life you deserve and truly desire. 




Education & Experience


+ 200 hr Yoga, Tantra, & Shamanism Training (Durgas Tiger School)

+ Holy Union Mystery School & Pilgrimage (Sara Jane Perman)

+ Spiritual Sexual Shamanic Training,  (ISTA, L1 & L2)
+ Live Your Yes! Sex Magic Course (The Love Gurus)
+ Body Work & Shamanism 1:1 Mentorship (Erotic Aliveness)
+ Expanded Conscious Orgasm Workshop (Eros Life)

+ Shibari + BDSM Training (Awakening Arts)
+ Tantra and the Psychedelics of Sex Workshop (Catherine Auman, LMFT)

+ Therapeutic Art Life Coach Certification (Transformation Academy)

My Vision

It is my intention to empower others with their own life force energy. I am not here to teach or to heal. I am here as a mirror to help you see who you truly are. I am here to help you remember how to heal yourself with your own divinity. 

I am currently using all incoming investments to build this business into a truly holistic practice. I intend to use your donations to continue my education in sexual bodywork, tantra, and taoism. Your investment will also empower me to increase the reach of these sacred teaching. My longterm intention is to create a retreat space .

In three words...





meet your muse


discover heaven on earth


divine beginnings

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