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Swimming in blank space

Swimming in a foreign sea

I lost myself in stranger’s words

I drowned in their stories

Who am I? Who is me?

a photo series with Gershon Kreimer 

july 15,  2018
june 28,  2018

Alone in Paris, yes that’s the ticket. Because Paris is for self-lovers. The City of Lights casts her sleepy glow, as our cheeks flush with amour. She winks playfully beneath charming cafe awnings, beckoning lovers to treat oneself to a glass of champagne, with a side of indulgent people-watching.

a photo series with Bowman Leong 

Vouse ne connaissez pas mon visage de nuit

Mes yeux tels des chevaux fous d'espace

Ma bouche bariolée de sang inconnu

a photo series with Chris Nightengale

june 14,  2018
may 31,  2018

How lovely it is to have endless opportunities to meet the abundant souls of our planet? Shiny, new faces flit into our lives on the daily. How magnificent to have so many potential meetings? So many chances to learn from one another, to grow together. To awaken together. To inspire each other. To show love, kindness, and respect.

a photo series with Julia Lowe

I have dreamed so much of you,​

Walked so often, talked so often with you.

Loved your shadow so much.

Nothing is left me of you.

a photo series with Jonathan Friedman

may 20,  2018
april 29  2018

On holiday, I breathe 

A wandering mind,

Late nights, and daytime heat

Keep me in bed til noon

Alone, with my dreams  

a photo series with Max Moden

and her legacy....

a photo series with Epix Shoots

april 14  2018
march 31,  2018

I want to be a timeless beauty

the kind that takes a calm mind to appreciate 

a photo series with Images by Charles

We all have a light within us. Our pure souls are luminous. Everyday we have the opportunity to let this light shine for all the world to see. Our actions and words have enormous power to impact those around us in every interaction.

a photo series with Jonathan Friedman

march 11,  2018
february 28, 2018

The aura of my airplane window is cool and calm and blue. Looking out, I find a moment of peace between the physical rush of travel prep and emotional rush of excitement on arrival.

a photoseries with Antonis Photography

Once upon a time, 
in an ancient city in a modern world

lived a little alley cat...

a photo series with John Peri in Athens

february 17, 2018
january 29, 2018

Crunchy leaves, steaming cups o' tea, leather jackets, and a quiet sunset in Battersea Park. The amber hues of an autumnal London make my soul smile.


A photo series with Nick G.

Sustainability is sexy in Salt Air Swimwear.



a photo series with Max Libertine

january 12, 2018

A reflection of my last 24 years on my day of birth.

a photo series with John Peri

december 29, 2017
december 7, 2017

A ritual to celebrate the goddess I am...


a photo series with Max Libertine for Kan by Paulina

My bedtime routine: slip into French lingerie, sip Bordeaux, and allow Françoise Hardy to sing me into a slumber.

a photo series with Bowman Leong 

november 22, 2017
november 4, 2017

Shooting lingerie in the birthplace of Aphrodite, Greek Goddess of love, beauty and, allure // xoxo L


a photo series with Max Libertine for 5th Sense Lingerie

a whole week sans pants, in the prettiest most feminine swimmies on the island of Cyprus // xoxo L


a photo series with Max Libertine for Verde Limon

october 22, 2017
october 5, 2017

I believe the human form is the oldest art form, the purest beauty. 


And here I am making my art with Joel. And I feel really good about being here, as I came, sans clothes. 

A photo series with LX Boudoir

The hour before sunset felt warm and rosy on my skin. I had to soak in every drop of the sun's golden rays against my bare body. A lonely and strong moment woven into the soft, coastal breeze. The most natural of wonders - my form against the sun, earth, and sea.    


A photo series with Max Libertine for Lions Magazine, issue 13

september 26, 2017
september 10, 2017

On location on the Amalfi Coast.



A photo series with Max Libertine for Bikini Luxe

Forever loosing track of time spent in bed...



A photo series with Adam Reeve.

august 13, 2017
july 26, 2017

That rare time you find me wearing pants, you better believe they will be the most far out ones I can find. Also, the shirt is not a shirt; it is a scarf, so my boobies are almost as free as my soul. I love this mix of patterns almost as much as I love hugging trees. Can you dig?

A photo series with Ryan Rivas

This post is dedicated to all those who have helped shape my worldview in those little moments in between the big ones - whose impact will live with me. There is no proof - no photos documenting our interactions (spoken, or not). May we cross paths again in this life, or the next.

A photo series with Edgar Wang

july 14, 2017
june 25, 2017

Live less out of habit and more out of intent.

A photo series with Picerrific

save room for dessert, my darlings

A photo series with Nightengale Photography

june 6, 2017
may 20, 2017

Does my sexiness upset you?
Does it come as a surprise
That I dance like I’ve got diamonds
At the meeting of my thighs?

- excerpt from Maya Angelou's, Still I Rise

A photo series with Bijan Gallery

may 11, 2017

This one is for the dreamers who are feeling a little blue about fearlessly going after their aspirations - hung up on the "consequences" of failure. Fear of failure has long haunted my dedicated effort towards pursuing my ambitions. This mindset is especially toxic, because it is almost transparent, as fear often appears to be a part of our natural response. It distorts our view and halts our progression, while the true vision of ourselves and success is just beyond reach.

A photo series with photographer, Chris Nightengale

I am a firm believer that happiness is a choice - so I am choosing to do more of the little things that bring a smile to my face. I ask you  to consciously choose to set aside time to cultivate happy habits and behaviors. Make a list like I did, and dedicate one hour a day to the things that bring joy to your life. 

A photo series with photographer, David Aronson.

may 3, 2017
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